Restaurant Biller Core:

This is the main Restaurant Biller core and is required if you are hosting your own website.

Template modification / customization

The basic template can be modified by any web designer/developer without licensing costs/fees.

However most customers ask us to assist with the customization of the basic templates even if they are working with a web designer, as it usually takes us less time than someone new to the application.  This basic customization fee covers most needs, and includes installation on your host. 

Hosting plan

We will host an instance of RestaurantBiller on our servers, using your domain name, and take care of upgrades and backups.  This fee does NOT cover template modification/customization or domain registration fees.

The monthly cost is 10% of orders placed online, up to a maximum of $50/month.  This makes it almost risk-free for small restaurants unsure whether they will get enough online orders to pay for the service.


or less

Customization and other services

If you need additional features or need the behaviour of the application to be changed in some way, we can do that for our regular hourly rate. Please contact us for an estimate.

Note: the software can be customized by your own developers with no extra licensing fees.  However support and advice for such customization will be charged at our regular hourly rate.


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