Restaurant Biller 2.4 released

Restaurant Biller 2.4 has been released, we introduced a number of features listed below as well as tighter security and bug fixes.

  • Pizza discounts, give your a customer a discount for picking up their order
  • Choose a pizza bread, this feature is great for restaurants that have multiple breads ( white, wheat, deepdish, etc…)
  • 2nd tier pricing for toppings, optionally you can charge your customer an additional fee if they choose of a set amount of toppings.
  • Brand new pizza builder with more options and a better GUI
  • Coupon Manager so you can give your customer coupons for returned business.
  • Ability to choose to have your product view open in a modal box or a product page.
  • News module, you can now add the latest news right into your website. Let your customer know what is going on at your restaurant!
  • User stats, you can now track the ordering and viewing stats with full detailed reports you can print out.
  • Give your customer a chance to get the first topping free on pizza selection.
  • New “top if off” which allows your customer to top off their pizza with settings such as Pizza, tomatoes or whatever you choose.
  • Allow your customer to choose which side they want their toppings on, you can choose left, right, whole or none.
  • Ad manager to display upcoming sales at your restaurant.
  • Numerous security and bug fixes.

Click here to view all features

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