Mobile Friendly responsive design

I haven’t posted a new entry here in ages, but I’ve been doing a lot of work on the product!

Restaurant biller has been completely redesigned with a responsive layout that is mobile-device friendly!  It looks great on the iPhone or an android smartphone, and works perfectly on a tablet as well.  The system will automatically show and hide certain parts of the layout depending on the size of the screen available, to provide the best possible experience for your customers.

This should significantly improve your conversion (order) rates as a huge percentage of your website visitors are on their mobile devices these days.

A few other new product features added over the last year or so are:

  • automatic receipt printing in Point of Sale
  • support for thermal printers in Point of Sale
  • completely updated options and modifiers on items – much more flexible
  • ability to ‘link’ prices and visibility of options to other option sets – allowing you to generate completely flexible pricing options for your menu
  • Flexible multiple language / translation features
  • Improved custom theme system
  • support for calculating shipping costs when selling non-food items.
  • support for file uploads for things like catering contracts.
  • Item search
  • Future orders support (ability for the customer to specify a time in the future they want their order ready)
  • SEO Friendly URLs for individual restaurants
  • improved performance with added caching
  • utf8 support (non-english/latin characters)
  • google maps integration for fine-grained delivery area definition

This is just some of the new features we’ve added recently, and we are actively developing the software based on YOUR suggestions and needs.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments




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Point of Sale System Now Offered FREE with Restaurant Biller

Restaurant Biller is now packaged with a point of sale system for restaurants. The POS system gives you an easy way to access your orders without having to refresh the page.  Some of the features are listed below

  • Instant ajax page updating so the user does not have to refresh the browser to see new orders
  • Play a sound when a new order is received
  • Change the status of the order
  • Orders are ordered by the time it is received, older orders are on the top of the list.
  • See stats of how many orders you got for that or previous day.
  • Separate log-in for each location you have installed.
  • Print out any order

This system works great for restaurants that want to set up a computer to  view orders.. This is a completely optional addition and is not required to use Restaurant Biller. Existing customers can download the POS system in the members area. Please contact us if you do not have a log in.

Try it out!

Password: password

note – this username and password may be changed in admin > locations.  Each restaurant location gets their own login.  The demo database gets restored daily but other prospective clients may have changed the email address to test out the email notifications.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact:

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Multiple restaurant online ordering software


Restaurant Biller now has the ability to support companies who wish to serve multiple restaurants under the same roof. This is ideal for a company who charges restaurants to manage their online ordering service or a company who wishes to make a directory of menus or an online ordering directory. The new feature also lets you customize your main portal design and each separate restaurant design so they all look different!

This new feature is an optional setting you can turn on or off in the administration panel, so you can either run your restaurant biller installation as a single online ordering website for one restaurant or for unlimited restaurants.

With the new multiple online ordering feature we give you the ability to add search categories and search areas. You can specify which areas, whether it be zip codes or cities each restaurant servers. You can also categorize your restaurants by food type (ex: Chinese  Italian  Pizza, etc). When you turn the multi restaurant feature on your visitor is directed to a page that has search functions as well as a list of categories!

Try out the demo to see the new features!








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New pizza builder and custom status alerts

Restaurant Biller has a few new features included with the system. Below is a small overview of those features.

New pizza builder

  • You can now change prices for toppings, offer a free topping and choose the style bread.
  • New layout for easier customer use
  • Ability to assign pizzas to people for big orders
  • Below is the screenshot of the interface
  • Click here to see the demo

Custom Status Messages

  • Custom status messages to let the customer know what is happening to their order.
  • You can specify any message you want along with the email.
  • Add as many status messages as you want.
  • Screenshot below

Click here to learn about more features

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Restaurant Biller has joined facebook

Restaurant Biller the premier ordering software for restaurants, pizza shops, delis or any food related services has now joined facebook. Add us to get up to date information about Restaurant Biller, including updates, new features or tips.


To check out Restaurant Biller facebook page click here

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Why should a restaurant have online ordering?

Online ordering for restaurants has become a necessity in today’s age. Most big chain restaurants have online ordering currently to lower the time the employees spend on the phone while giving their customers a quick easy way to order. In the online age it is trending to see consumers choose a restaurant that has online ordering over a restaurant or pizza place that has no online ordering. You can increase your normal market by choosing an online ordering system such as Restaurant Biller.

Customers  Prefer Online Ordering Technology

We live in a face paced world, more and more people are busy and always have limited time. Online ordering is a viable solution for this. Your new customer and existing customer base can range from the hard working mom, college students, the visiting tourist and much more. Here are some of the benefits for choose a system like Restaurant Biller Online ordering program:

  • No more waiting on the phone when you could be doing what what you do best, cooking food!
  • Get the order right! no more mistakes over the phone or customer discrepancies.
  • Customers can take time on the website without being rushed on the phone.
  • They can order on the go from a mobile device, laptop or internet station.
  • Reach more customers by having a search engine optimized restaurant ordering application.
  • Reduce labor costs by not having a full time phone answerer.
  • Store information about the consumer for future orders.
  • Save money by using Restaurant Biller with no extra monthly fees.

Will it work for you?

Only about 5% of Restaurant owners are using an online ordering system.  Online ordering has proven and continue to proves that it will be the next big thing for restaurants. According to the National Restaurant Associations Survey 70% of  the members say that online ordering is the next big thing for restaurant Owners. Your restaurant can be successfull just like many other companies that already have this technology like  Papa Ginos, Papa Johns,  Subway and pizza hut.

Click here to check out the features Restaurant Biller has and start selling your food online today!


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Restaurant online ordering script features

Restaurant Biller has some new features, after over 3 months of development Restaurant Biller has shifted to version 2.4. Along with this update an update has been pushed to our site explaining some of the features restaurant biller has to offer.

Continue reading

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Restaurant Biller 2.4 released

Restaurant Biller 2.4 has been released, we introduced a number of features listed below as well as tighter security and bug fixes.

  • Pizza discounts, give your a customer a discount for picking up their order
  • Choose a pizza bread, this feature is great for restaurants that have multiple breads ( white, wheat, deepdish, etc…)
  • 2nd tier pricing for toppings, optionally you can charge your customer an additional fee if they choose of a set amount of toppings.
  • Brand new pizza builder with more options and a better GUI
  • Coupon Manager so you can give your customer coupons for returned business.
  • Ability to choose to have your product view open in a modal box or a product page.
  • News module, you can now add the latest news right into your website. Let your customer know what is going on at your restaurant!
  • User stats, you can now track the ordering and viewing stats with full detailed reports you can print out.
  • Give your customer a chance to get the first topping free on pizza selection.
  • New “top if off” which allows your customer to top off their pizza with settings such as Pizza, tomatoes or whatever you choose.
  • Allow your customer to choose which side they want their toppings on, you can choose left, right, whole or none.
  • Ad manager to display upcoming sales at your restaurant.
  • Numerous security and bug fixes.

Click here to view all features

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Restaurant Biller 2.0 Released

Restaurant Biller 2.0 has been released and has moved out of beta, this new release includes features not seen in any online ordering application available on the market. With the help of existing clients recommending features and the many hours put into to developing the code we have streamlined the whole Restaurant Ordering process. Below are the new features listed.

* Product and Category Images
* Ability to re-order what you have ordered previously
* Category and Product Images
* Better templating system
* Multi restaurant support with a special page to choose the restaurant you want
* Multiple currency support.
* Coupon manager
* Delivery zone feature which allows you to add zones to each location, you can choose a delivery fee per zone.
* Add a tip to the order in checkout by percentage
* Billing addresses for users who have different information then the profile information
* Categories now have the ability to have a display time (for instance if you would like your breakfast menu only to show up between 7am and 11am
* Each restaurant logo can be managed through the config page
* Blackout times for when your store is closed (If you are open 9-6 but you stop serving between 12-3)
* Minimum order for delivery
* Limit delivery area by zip codes
* Full reporting and analytics center to show you your revenue, orders, popular products, popular pages, how many orders were delivered and how many orders picked up.
* Enhancements to the order manager inside the admin panel, you can now see the order information better and logs more information. One minor set back to this is we removed the ability to set the store into “no-registration mod”
* Site Document editor
* Ad management system

That is about it as well as bug fixes and all around usability enhancements.

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