Multiple restaurant online ordering software


Restaurant Biller now has the ability to support companies who wish to serve multiple restaurants under the same roof. This is ideal for a company who charges restaurants to manage their online ordering service or a company who wishes to make a directory of menus or an online ordering directory. The new feature also lets you customize your main portal design and each separate restaurant design so they all look different!

This new feature is an optional setting you can turn on or off in the administration panel, so you can either run your restaurant biller installation as a single online ordering website for one restaurant or for unlimited restaurants.

With the new multiple online ordering feature we give you the ability to add search categories and search areas. You can specify which areas, whether it be zip codes or cities each restaurant servers. You can also categorize your restaurants by food type (ex: Chinese  Italian  Pizza, etc). When you turn the multi restaurant feature on your visitor is directed to a page that has search functions as well as a list of categories!

Try out the demo to see the new features!








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