Mobile Friendly responsive design

I haven’t posted a new entry here in ages, but I’ve been doing a lot of work on the product!

Restaurant biller has been completely redesigned with a responsive layout that is mobile-device friendly!  It looks great on the iPhone or an android smartphone, and works perfectly on a tablet as well.  The system will automatically show and hide certain parts of the layout depending on the size of the screen available, to provide the best possible experience for your customers.

This should significantly improve your conversion (order) rates as a huge percentage of your website visitors are on their mobile devices these days.

A few other new product features added over the last year or so are:

  • automatic receipt printing in Point of Sale
  • support for thermal printers in Point of Sale
  • completely updated options and modifiers on items – much more flexible
  • ability to ‘link’ prices and visibility of options to other option sets – allowing you to generate completely flexible pricing options for your menu
  • Flexible multiple language / translation features
  • Improved custom theme system
  • support for calculating shipping costs when selling non-food items.
  • support for file uploads for things like catering contracts.
  • Item search
  • Future orders support (ability for the customer to specify a time in the future they want their order ready)
  • SEO Friendly URLs for individual restaurants
  • improved performance with added caching
  • utf8 support (non-english/latin characters)
  • google maps integration for fine-grained delivery area definition

This is just some of the new features we’ve added recently, and we are actively developing the software based on YOUR suggestions and needs.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments




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