What is Restaurant Biller?

Restaurant Biller is a state of the art online ordering application directed towards restaurants, pizza shops, cafes or anything food related.

Get more sales without more work

In a rapidly changing e-commerce environment where most restaurants are not only coming online but offering online ordering Restaurant Biller was born.

Restaurant Biller offers your restaurant, pub, pizza shop, deli or any food related service an online presence and the ability for your customers to order your food or services online. This process is done by utilizing an online shopping cart and content management system to deliver the best customer experience. The Restaurant Biller application is one of the most versatile ordering applications on the market offering the ability to customize your website the way you want.

This application was built as an out of the box software solution for both non technical and advanced programmers, with html and css knowledge you can modify the look and feel of the Restaurant Biller application. We also offer a hosted solution for those users who are not so tech savvy and do not want to host their own installation for a low monthly cost. Please browse our features and video tutorials to learn more about the Restaurant Biller Online Ordering Application and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Whats New?

Why go online?

  • Reach more customers. When you go online your customer base will immediately expand.
  • Increases Your Sales By 30%
  • Get your orders accurately without having to deal with the phone to write every order down.
  • Get your order delivered right to your email, fax machine or printer.
  • Save time, there is no need to be on a phone taking orders when you can have our application do it for you.
  • No extra costs,  we do not charge a monthly fee.
  • Offer your customer rewards as coupons for continue ordering.
  • If you own a franchise you can easily use Restaurant Biller to show as many stores as your company owns.
  • Allow the customer to build their own pizza with our state of the art pizza builder.