Below are some of the features Restaurant Biller offers

Core Features

  • Define multiple restaurants, each restaurant has the ability to add their own options. This comes in handy for delivery services who offer many different restaurants. Each sub restaurant has the ability to have their own login and add as many products as they want.
  • Add locations to a restaurant, if your a restaurant with many locations you can add multiple locations to a restaurant. Each location has its own address and contact information to be sure that the order gets to the current location.
  • Easy AJAX powered checkout system
  • Receive the orders directly through email within 30 seconds of placed order
  • Easy customization for those who want to modify their site
  • Set the hours you would like your store open
  • Turn your store off and on through the administration panel
  • Enable Credit or disable credit cards
  • Enable or disable delivery and delivery fees
  • Modify your home page directly from a control panel
  • Add Edit and delete categories to your menu
  • Add Edit and delete menu items with extented features
  • Each site has a contact us page for customer questions
  • Edit the hours you would like your online store open
  • Add an addition cost for delivery, tax prices or order processing fees
  • Completly templated with smarty template system for easy changing of the site theme.


Here are some of the features of restaurant configuration

  • Define the site name, username and password of each site.
  • Allow only certain zip codes during delivery
  • Set open and close hours so users cannot order anything while you are closed while keeping the ability to display your menu.
  • Black out times, if your store closes for a few hours a day then you can set black out times so no orders can take place during those times.
  • Choose a time zone and currency based on your location
  • Turn ordering off or on
  • Define the tax and delivery rate.
  • Choose weather you want product view to open in a popup or have its own product page.
  • Turn off and on different ordering fields.
  • Edit the global title, keyword and description for the site.f
  • Change the logo

Edit the menu

  • Add unlimited categories, each category has its own price type. Allowing individual category price types gives you the power to define as many sizes you have for each category (example: soup would be cup or bowl and sub would be small and large)
  • Add unlimited products to each category
  • Manage your product photo, prices description
  • Advanced option system allows you to add multiple option sets with each set having the ability to have unlimited options. You can choose wether the customer can only choose one item from each option or multiple. You can also choose a limit of options per option set.
  • Tags allow you to set tags so customers can easily search for your products.
  • You can add a product code.
  • Add / Modify / Delete as many products as you need.

Site Documents

  • Add delete and modify your site documents
  • Site documents give you the ability to add content pages to your website just like a content managment system.
  • Web editor built in so editing your page is as simple as editing a word document.
  • Edit the home page blurb
  • Add external links to your menu.

Payment Gateways

  • Multiple payment gateways allow your customer to have the ability to pay how they want.
  • RB come’s with the following gateways pre-installed, Paypal, Google checkout, Email, Cash, interfax (order to fax)
  • With Restaurant Billers unique framework you have the ability to add your own gateway easily.

Users system

  • View / Modify or delete your users
  • See what a user has ordered

Coupon Manager

  • You can manage coupons with Restaurant Biller to give your customers a reason to come back!
  • Choose a percentage or a dollar off value
  • Set a minimum total amount
  • Define the coupon code number

Pizza Builder

  • Manage all your pizzas with RB Pizza builder.
  • Define the size, base price and amount per topping
  • Ability to give the customer a discount for picking up the pizza
  • Add a 2nd tier fee if the customer chooses a defined amount of toppings
  • Allow the customer to choose left, right or whole pizza for toppings.
  • Limit the amount of toppings per pizza or keep it unlimited.
  • Allow your customer to get the first topping free.
  • Add unlimited toppings for the customer to choose
  • Allow the customer to choose which type of bread the pizza will have
  • Give the customer an option to top the pizza off with cheese or other topping.

View Orders

  • Manage and view past orders
  • See what a customer ordered along with full coupon, discount, delivery status.


  • View or print all the activity on your website
  • Change the start and end date of your report
  • Show the total orders, total revenue, total tax, total delivered orders, total cash orders, total deliver fees and total orders picked up.
  • Show the summary of orders between dates chosen
  • See the most viewed products between dates
  • View the most viewed pages between chosen dates.

Ad manager

  • Manage ads to put anywhere in your template, once you add an ad you will be give a code to place in your template.
  • Ad impressions and clicks are tracked in the ad manager
  • Rotate multiple ads in one spot or leave one ad there.
  • Choose an external or internal link for your ad.
  • Auto resizing of your ad

News Manager

  • Manage your news and give your clients up to date information on whats goin on at your restaurant.
  • Add the title, date and news summary
  • Web editor built in so editing your page is as simple as editing a word document.

Features are constantly being added to Restaurant Biller so check back soon!